adSage expands business to the Global Market cooperating with Traffiq and Innity

Beijing – September 1, 2011 – Today adSage, the leading agency in digital marketing in China, announced that it has built a strategy partnership with TRAFFIQ (from USA) & Innity (from Malaysia).


These two online advertising companies will become the agents of adSage for Search (AFS), an automatic system for SEM campaign management researched and developed by adSage. With more and more companies using its technology, adSage is revealing its strengths in the digital marketing field and its competitive ability on international market.


Through the cooperation, adSage will help TRAFFIQ to simplify its SEM activities, including campaign management, reporting, and analytics tasks. It enables its registered users to manage and optimize their search campaigns on Google, Facebook and Bing through an integrated system platform.


Also, by leveraging centralized advertising campaign data from AFS, the product of Innity will provide its advertisers with an array of insightful reports and optimization suggestions, which will enable advertisers to achieve better ROI while automating many of the manual tasks associated with daily SEM management activities. “Although we have built arguably the most developed advertiser-facing tool for managing digital display media, we haven’t been able to truly fulfill our promise of providing total workflow efficiency until now,” stated TRAFFIQ CEO Nick Pahade. “Every single one of our agency customers spends a lot of time managing SEM alongside their display practice, and all struggle to centralize operations in a meaningful way. Now, by the functions that AFS is offering, I hope TRAFFIQ customers can manage the majority of their digital media operations under one centralized login.”


Innity CEO Phang Chee Leong said, "... Internet users are getting sophisticated and to get their attention we have to be a step ahead in the market, utilizing our technology to always come up with new fresh products that benefit brands and attract the audience. AFS is a great opportunity for brands to fully leverage on its engaging features and a useful tool for consumers to interact with the brands and even make purchases".


“TRAFFIQ is leading the way in terms of making elegant workflow solutions that streamline digital marketing. Also, Innity has the advantages in audience collection and interactive experience creating,” said Dr. ZhaoHui Tang, adSage CEO. “We are delighted to have them as our first abroad partners, adSage is expanding its influence all over the world. We hope we could cooperate with more and more powerful companies in the future and provide accurate digital marketing services for global advertisers.”


TRAFFIQ is an end-to-end digital media planning, buying and management company in North America, which has partnerships with leading advertisers, ad agencies and publishers, including Havas Digital, IMRE and AdStrategies.


About Innity
Established in 1999, Innity is the leading provider of interactive online marketing and has a strong foothold in the South East Asian market. Its network spans over 10,000 websites, including major newspaper portals and premier sites in more than 16 content interest channels such as technology, lifestyle, automotive, business and entertainment.


About adSage
Founded in 2007, adSage employs over 300 professionals and has multiple branches in the U.S. and China. adSage’s flagship product is a professional bid management and automation tool, used by over 100 premier advertisers. adSage serves clients including the largest Chinese online bookstore, largest retail store, and largest financial and insurance institutions, among others. adSage’s software provides advertisers efficient management and optimization to online advertising campaigns across different search engines including Google, Baidu and Bing.

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