adSage on September 19th formally announced the completion of the first round of $20 million in funding!

On September 19, 2011, China's leading digital marketing expert adSage announced today: adSage gained a total of $20 million in its first round of funding from SIG and Singapore’s Meridian Capital. Concurrently, Microsoft senior vice president Harry Shum officially became a member of the company advisory committee.


adSage CEO ZhaoHui Tang said: "I am so glad to have investors join us and help us further strengthen the leadership position in digital marketing. adSage has been focusing on search marketing, which has achieved excellent results and gained customer recognition in the electronic commerce, finance, education, and game industries. After this funding, adSage will continue to increase investment in product and technology R & D in order to create higher customer value. adSage also looks to expand the focus of the emerging field of digital marketing, such as social media marketing platforms, mobile Internet advertising markets ( mobiSage ), intelligent networks, and media advertising revenue optimization. adSage will continue to strive to maintain the Asia-Pacific regions’ leading digital marketing company."


Founded in 2007, adSage set up its headquarters in Beijing, currently with more than 400 employees in the Seattle (US), Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi, and other branches. After several years of development, adSage has become the leading digital marketing expert. The major business units include: Search engine marketing (SEM), Social media marketing (AFP), Mobile advertising (mobiSage), and Website revenue optimization (pubSage).


SIG director general manager Joan Wang said: "The growth of China’s demand for digital marketing is huge. adSage, as an expert in the field, not only has good development, but has already made remarkable achievements in the field. With the entire team that brings innovation and holds professional degrees, adSage shows huge advantages. We firmly believe that adSage will grasp the opportunity, by virtue of its innovation and professional mining of more of the market’s potential."


SIG is headquartered in the United States of America. A large financial services company, it has rich resources from the Wall Street and IPO experience, with more than $1 billion of its own funds. Under the Asia venture capital fund in Beijing and Shanghai with the investment team, it is committed to invest in China’s early and growing stage companies since 2004. It has invested in over 50 companies, of which 10 companies has already successfully appeared on the stock market overseas. 


In addition, ZhaoHui Tang also announced other good news. Microsoft Senior Vice President Harry Shum officially became a member of the company’s advisory committee. Shum, who is currently responsible for what will be the development and strategy of China, was the Dean of Microsoft Asia academy and chief scientist. Tang said:" the addition of Harry can bring us cooperation with Microsoft Access and more forward-looking technology." To this, Shum believes that adSage’s positioning should be the 3 Crosses: Cross search network, Cross media, and Cross Pacific. These crosses mark are where adSage’s growth opportunities are.


The advisory board of recently released a report which pointed out that the second quarter of 2011 Chinese Network Advertising Market’s dimensions will achieve 11.02 billion Yuan, a 28.38% quarterly growth, 39.4% over the same period last year,  where the Mobile Advertising Market will achieve 5.52 billion Yuan in 2012. The fact that adSage won $20 million in its first round of funding not only shows international capital in the Chinese digital market but also adSage’s strong confidence which marks the stability of adSage in the Asia-Pacific digital marketing industry.

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