adSage Becomes the Exclusive Distributor of Baidu for North American Advertisers

adSage has completed a deal with Baidu, the largest Search Engine in China, for the exclusive rights in providing SEM Agency Services on Baidu for North America. The two companies’ partnership leads back to 2007, when adSage developed Baidu's first online advertising editor. Now, Baidu owns 82% of the search engine market in China, making it one of the world's largest search engines, given China's massive Internet user population, adSage is the largest SEM service provider of Baidu in China. adSage is confident to leverage its experienced SEM customer service team, its leading technologies and rich market insight in both China and US to provide the first class SEM service for North American advertisers on Baidu. For more detailed information about SEM on Baidu, please send email to  

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