adLab Officially Established- XiaoBin Dong named Chief Scientist

December 12, 2011- adSage, one of the leading digital media companies, hosted their first annual Technology Day. During the one day event, adSage CEO ZhaoHui Tang announced the official establishment of adLab and XiaoBin Dong (former Microsoft data mining analyst) as the Chief Scientist. 

adLab will incorporate 3 major platforms of digital media including SEM, pubSage (web optimization platform), and mobiSage (mobile ad platform).  adLab will strive to become the best cross media ad optimization platform through its cutting edge technology and product innovation, bringing customers the highest value in digital advertising.

Therefore, adLab’s engineers will integrate technology with market studies and product innovation. In the technology aspect, adLab will focus on developing cross platform ad optimization and achieve cross platform analysis. In the market aspect, adLab will focus on investigating new ad types and continue the studies of market behavior. In the product aspect, adLab will focus on increasing the efficiency of cross department services, creating truly the one-stop shop for online media management.

adLab is currently working on the research of keyword intelligence and business intelligence.  adLab utilizes cloud servers and keyword servers to mine data. From keyword verticals to keyword expansion, to search traffic, to locating information, and historical analysis, adLab provides customers and businesses with the best keyword suggestions and bid suggestions. Business intelligence is developed through data mining and analytics, providing decision makers with more accurate useful information.

In order to deliver the accurate and high-quality data analytical services, adSage invited Microsoft’s former data mining analyst XiaoBin Dong to join the adLab team as the Chief Scientist. XiaoBin Dong received his Ph.D from University of Michigan. In his recent five years at Microsoft, he held an expert position as a data mining analyst, specializing in ad search and optimization. XiaoBin Dong received his Bachelor’s degree from Qing Hua University in Mathematics in 1990, and received his Master’s degree at Peking University in 1993.

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