adSage conjointly developed a new SDK with Baidu

The leading digital media company in China, adSage, has conjointly developed a new SDK with Baidu, the first search function (engine) tool kit embedded within mobile apps. This collaboration will provide users with search functionalities with in mobile apps and simultaneously help developers to maximize their ROI.

According to research, the total number of mobile app developers has reached 1 million people at present, but only 13.7% of those people are actually making profit. 64.5% of developers are actually losing money and only 20.8% are breaking even.

This tool kit is one of many products developed by mobiSage, a division of adSage. mobiSage’s team, it has a strong background in data mining and analytics. Moreover, it has its own developer platform mobiSage AC. It provides effective tracking, optimization and creation for ads and comprehensive strategies for mobile marketing. mobiSage fully support iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms covering over 30 million users per day and over 90% of IOS devices.

In addition to the innovative technologies and the coverage, mobiSage also has partnerships with over 300 premium media channels. More importantly, mobiSage gives developers 70% of the profit. mobiSage also support a variety of ad types including display ads, video ads, call-phone ads, app downloads, etc.

Baidu’s wireless department’s Director GuoFeng Yue commented: “In these coming two years, search engines are one of Baidu’s mobile internets’ major focuses. adSage is a very promising technology company, our collaboration will not only help developers and advertisers increase their ROI, but will also provide simplicity to mobile users’ lifestyles.”  

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