November 2011 Newsletter - adSage becomes the exclusive distributor of Baidu for North American advertisers.

adSage becomes the exclusive North American distributor of Baidu

adSage has completed a deal with baidu, the largest search engine in China, for the exclusive rights in providing SEM agency services on Baidu in North America. The two companies’ partnership leads back to 2007, when adSage developed Baidu’s first online advertising editor. Now, Baidu owns 82% of the search engine market in China, making it one of the world’s largest search engines. adSage is confident to leverage its experienced SEM customer service team, their leading technologies, and rich market insights in both China and US to provide first class SEM service for North American advertisers on Baidu. For more information about SEM on Baidu, please email us at

adSage opens offices in Bellevue, Washington, to provide better agency services to US advertisers

adSage has opened a new office in downtown Bellevue, WA. The new office will be the headquarter of adSage’s SEM and Social Media Marketing product designs, and lead the company’s strategy development. adSage US office will provide full scale customer coverage and services for adSage for Performance (AFP) and SEM service on Baidu for North American advertisers.

adSage wins SEM service contract with Vancl

adSage signed a $11 million USD contract to provide full SEM service to Vancl, China’s largest group buying company. Vancl started in 2007 as a specialty men’s shirt e-retailer, and has become the No.1 internet apparel brand in China. Vancl’s business focuses on bringing quality discounted men and women’s fashions, shoes, and other lifestyle goods made from designers from around the world. adSage looks forward in being a key factor to Vancl’s continuous success as it delivers high performance strategies and SEM solutions.

AFP version 2.0 to be released this month with enriched feature set for Facebook and search advertising

In mid-November, AFP users can expect the release of AFP v.2.0. Now, this efficient desktop solution will provide customers with an even more enriched user experience for both search and social advertisers. V.2.0 will include new features updated with Facebook’s ad options enabling users to create, edit, track, and manage page post ads, enhancing Facebook ad strategies. The new version will follow previous versions with continual development of advanced analysis and reporting with its awesome ads deep analysis feature. And it doesn’t stop there, adSage for Performance will greatly improve its effectiveness by providing users with conversion tracking, allowing for more accurate decision making to help you increase ROI.

Please visit for a free trial.

For current AFP users, you will be prompted to upgrade to the newest version when you log in.

adSage ranked No.1 mobile advertising platform provider in China!

mobiSage, adSage’s signature mobile advertising platform was ranked #1 in China, serving over 60 million registered end-users. adSage is currently leading the mobile ad market. mobiSage is a mobile advertising network, it has more coverage than anyone else on the most popular platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Symbian, Bada, and Android. Advertisers and developers can join mobiSage network for free and enjoy the best mobile ads services.

For more information on mobiSage, please visit

Q: will AFP have conversion tracking?

A: yes, the tracking feature will be implemented in the professional version and above.

Q: can I perform split ads?

A: yes, first, select multiple ads. Then click “bulk” option and select the targeting to split your ads.

Q: where can I find current information about upcoming webinars?

A: find us on our adSage Facebook page for the most current updates on our products and coming webinars!

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