Chinese mobile phone users have reached over 900 million in 2012, of which, 430 million use their smart phones to access the internet. Mobile Internet users have reached 700 million by 2013, making the mobile market as one of the fastest growing markets in China.


adSage's mobile ad network – mobiSage is the most influential mobile advertising platform in China.

  • The largest Mobile Inernet Gateway

    Advertising Platform + Mobile App Publisher cover over 89% mobile internet users in China.

  • Unique Technology Advantage

    Data Mining +APP Income Optimization Model consolidate 75,000 APPs in mobiSage,
    and cover most important App developers in China.

  • Efficient Operation and Service Structure

    Efficient Operation + Professional Services support over 1,000 advertisers' campaigns
    running in every day.


mobiSage takes largest traffic in China-coverage of iOS and Android

mobiSage takes largest traffic in China-coverage of iOS and Android

  • Unique Users(Ios & Android): Over 320 million
  • Daily active user: over 36 million
  • Monthly Ads impression: over 17 billion
  • Partner App: over 75,000
  • App daily download: 200,000

mobiSage can provide tracking and monitoring services for your ads, giving advertisers and developers comprehensive and accurate analysis reports. Moreover, it offers a variety of campaign strategies which are tailored for customer's different optimization needs.


adSage's data intelligence system can filter out target audience quickly

HTML5 is the evolution of that standard to meet the increasing demands presented by today's rich media,
cross device and mobile internet access requirements. it is a great candidate for cross-platform mobile
application development and support overhead of multiple native applications (e.g. iOS, Android, etc.)

HTML5 Dynamic ad, insert a screen, background, shaking, handwriting

ZAKER | APP download

Zaker ranked at No. 199 before adSage's promotion. In 5 days, adSage raised it to No. 67. In two weeks, adSage promoted it into top 10 And in News Catigory, Zaker has maintained No.3 for long time.

Amazon | APP download

adSage is the exclusive channel to promote Amazon's mobile app. In two months, Amazon's App entered top 2 in living category, and top 10 overall ranking

Estee Lauder | Sample Application

During 2 months' promotion, Estee Lauder's ads had over 168 million impression, and engaged over 318,000 new customers.

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