"ad Intelligence is what might be the most impactful innovation for search marketers in the past couple years. "
——Aaron Goodman Media Post
"adSage is the most professional SEM company we ever met. I’m very glad to see such high quality SEM firm appearing in China. Their innovative technology surprises us. "
——Zhan Wang Senior Director, Baidu
"I think this is the coolest innovation I have seen in a long time at msft. I installed the adsage product and I blown away. What an awesome tool for SEO marketing teams… "
——Steve Silverberg Director of Program Management, Microsoft
"WOW! Love the tool, thank you so much for adding to my machine. From a search person perspective, you've re-written the book with this one and I think the market is going to LOVE this."
——James Colborn Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft
"I love that adSage for Facebook is client based and very fast/comfortable… It eases ad management and optimization and adSage is a good gateway between our facebook account and excel…"
——Bennet D. InnoGames Germany
"I love that adSage has enabled us to scale our Facebook campaigns quickly and easily…Your customer service has been first-rate. I’ve been overly impressed. Your customer support has been fantastic!"
——Scott K. Winster USA
"Your product is awesome, it's better than most of the ad manager available out there. I love the ad deep analysis feature you guys added recently…"
——Glory Rome USA
"Fantastic product guys! I wish you all the best with this and am going to use it!"
——Evarest S. United states
"Really nice tool!Furthermore, I think this app really has potential!"
——Benny G. NetB United States
"Cant wait !! I Have, of course, recommended you to the rest of my network in the meantime ;-)"
——Tina J. Ecadamey Denmark
"WOW. This is great. Thank you!! Again, I’m a big fan. Keep rockin’."
——David Q Online Acquisition, Intuit United States

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