adSage is a full service advertising agency serving US companies who seek customers in China. With over 500 team members, some of the top global brands and advertising agencies choose us to establish, launch, and optimize their online advertising campaigns. adSage Agency, a division of adSage, offers complete advertising services for American advertisers targeting the Chinese online audience. Our agency services include SEM, SEO, social media, mobile and display ad network. We can research, set up, monitor, implement, track, translate and optimize SEM/SEO campaigns on Baidu and other search engines in China.

Why choose adSage to manage your Chinese online advertising campaigns?

  “adSage is the most professional SEM company we’ve ever met. I’m very glad to see such high quality SEM firm appearing in China. Their innovative technology surprises us.”  
  — — Zhan Wang, Senior Vice President                    

*  adSage is the #1 SEM / SEO agency in China
*  adSage is the exclusive partner of Baidu in North America

*  adSage display ad network has close partnerships with over 100 publishers including
   (China’s largest Internet messaging portal) and Sina (China’s most influential internet portal)
*  adSage’s mobile ad network is the most influential mobile ad network in China,
   reaching 100 million unique users per month.
*  adSage is a worldwide leading technology company for online advertising.
    We have developed our own software to manage our clients advertising campaigns.
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