adSage has been providing software services and designing new technologies in online advertising for years. Some of these technologies Include, customer data analysis, campaign managements, sales performance analysis, product life cycle management, CRM integration, ... etc. We have been providing our software service to Yahoo, Microsoft, Baidu and Facebook for years. For example, adSage develops ad management tool to support 1,500 Yahoo search account managers to manage and optimize search campaigns. adSage develops business intelligence tools for Microsoft adCenter, and help Microsoft account managers to optimize display ads on MSN properties. adSage has also developed Baidu Editor, the Facebook campaign migration tool, ... and various other popular online ad management software in the market.
adSage provides comprehensive localization services for advertisers looking to enter the Chinese market. With full understanding of the user behaviors, cultures, regulations, and business practices of the Chinese audience, our team provides a deep website analysis and strategies to fully optimize your company’s presence in China. We provide professional translating services for your website or landing pages from English to Chinese as well as designing services for your website to fit the user behaviors of the Chinese audience.
CSOA is an advanced analytics tool for Microsoft Search Advertising Team (MAS-Search). It has helped SAM to manage over 7,000 premium customers of Microsoft AdCenter and 22,000 major accounts. CSOA provided over 40 features including account dashboard tool, deep analytics and keyword tool kits. It generated 2,300 reports weekly. Support 400+ search account managers across US, UK, France and Canada.
After the MS-Yahoo deal, Y! took over all major search account businesses from Microsoft. adSage has built Yahoo! Summit Tool to help over 1,500 search account managers of Yahoo North America Division. This tool built up a whole new web service layer for Y!'s users to access Bing’s BI databases. Key features include offline/ scheduled reporting, keyword gap analysis, keyword position analysis and keyword monetization.
Lighthouse is an advanced optimization and analytics tool designed for Microsoft Display Ads account teams to increase revenue and improve efficiency in addition to customer satisfaction. The front end is an Excel add-in with a number of dashboard reports. The back end provides an array of data from both AdExpert and AdMarket. Key features include cross media analysis, mix media analysis, comparing KPI’s between search and display campaigns’ impact, review & compare customer spending with selected competitors and much more!
Telescope is an Excel plug-in that utilizes Microsoft virtual class data from Cosmos to analyze online user’s behavior and online campaigns' audience reactions. This tool helps Microsoft online ads account managers to segment target users.
RNR utilizes revenue predictions to do some data pipeline.
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