mobiSage's mobile adverstising services provides agencies and buinesses a fully managed mobile advertising solutions. As intelligent terminals like the iPhone, iPad and the android continue to grow in popularity, a lucrative mobile ad market has already started to boom. adSages' mobiSage service has an alliance of more than 90% of the market share, and covers more than 80% of smart phone users, and allows for 6 different categories for accurate ad reach. With this experience mobiSage is able to customize a variety of strategies for your mobile ads, bringing users the best ROI.

pubSage currently supports 3 major platforms. Baidu alliance (Baidu Union), Google adsense, and Taobao. As an open platform, pubSage can use the website's own alliance accounts to provide optimal services. In addition to the major 3 platforms, pubSage ad trading platform has more than 100 well known advertisers including: Dangdang,, Ping An Financial services, and New Oriental Education, etc. For these alliances, we provide comprehensive service to reduce their costs. We are also working to provide API for our partners in the near future. We welcome all advertisers or agencies to access the pubSage ad trading platform.
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