Manage your Facebook ad campaigns with adSage.Social and ......
Improve performance
   -  Onsite and offsite performance tracking.
   -  Maximize campaign ROI with optimization based on
      real-time data.
   -  Avoid ad fatigue with ad rotation.
   -  Support for very large accounts.
Save time
   -  Manage multiple Facebook accounts in the same UI.
   -  Bulk editing with campaign and ad permutation.
   -  Save all creative, text and target into the Creative
      Asset Library.
   -  Customized campaign and ad name and URL.
Reduce The Operation Cost
   -  Flat license fee rather than commission.
   -  Choose monthly subscription or annual license purchase.
   -  Full package deployment options.
   -  Integrated with the Facebook Insight and Mobile Ad support.
Key Features
Feature  Standard  Ultimate
 Author  Manage multiple Facebook accounts
 Bulk campaign and ad editing
 Creative Asset Management  
 Ad name and URL building  
 Price by Facebook action
 Create Facebook mobile ads
 Track  Adsage Conversion tracking  
 Performance dashboard
 Customized reports  
 Optimize  Campaign tune-up
 Realtime rule based optimization  
 Automated ad rotation  
   Price-Monthly subscription  $100(1PC)  $1,000(5 PCs)
 Price-Annual license fee(including one month  free trial  for new client)  $499(1PC)  $9,999(5 PCs)
 License for more PCs  Call for price  Call for price
 Full package deployment  N/A  Call for price

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