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App Distribution


China is now the world’s fast growing mobile market. According to iResearch, 92 percent of online users in China possess a smartphone, while this number is only 72 percent in the US. The total number of smartphone users in China was estimated to be around 599 million in 2016.


Comparing to the US market where Google Play dominates the Android space, in China, there are as many as over 200 App Stores sharing the overall Android market in China. The top 3 Chinese Android App Stores are owned by Tencent, Baidu and 360 (previously known as Qihoo). Besides that, smartphone manufactures like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo also have their own pre-installed App Store, and they share a big fraction of the overall Android store traffic in China.


For any oversea app to be successful in China, our first suggestion is always to localize the app and have it published to these local Chinese stores. After your app is published to the local Android stores, the next question is- how to acquire traffic for app downloading and installation, and this is where adSage comes into place.


In China, adSage is partnering with over 200K apps to promote your unique app. Our premium mobile ad network MobiSage covers 90% of the iOS users and 50% of Android users in China, and can greatly boost your app’s visibility. We are also working directly with many Hero Apps (see graphic below) in China to facilitate any desired direct media buy. In addition to that, our RTB platform OneDesk DSP is connected to over 20 ad-networks in China and can target precisely to your app’s specific group of audience.


Our recent practice also found that the emerging News Feed mobile app channel (such as the Hero App Today’s Headline) provides great CPIs for many performance-driven app advertisers, and we highly encourage oversea app developers to test this channel to increase their marketing efficiency.


In general, App distribution (App promotion) in China requires deep knowledge of the local marketplace and professional optimization services on different media channels. adSage has been working with many premium app developers/distributors around the world, providing tailored promotion services to help achieve their ROI. If you are interested in App Distribution (App Promotion) in China , please contact us.