adSage | Company Overview
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Company Overview

About Us

adSage Group is a leading advertising technology and services provider in China, serving more than 5,000 clients worldwide. It is made up of performance agencies including OnlineTimes (China) and OnlineTimes (US), as well as their DSP platform “OneDesk”.


Established in 2007, adSage is a technology-driven leader in multi-channel digital marketing. It employs 700+ professionals in both US and China, of which 500+ out of which are technology professionals. adSage Group specializes in search (SEM/SEO), mobile advertising, social media marketing, programmatic buying, app distribution, native advertising (mobile news feed), and China marketing strategy consulting, etc.


adSage helps local and international clients engage with customers in China. As a top-level certified international partner of Baidu, Qihoo360, Sogou, and Google, adSage manages nearly 5 billion RMB campaign spending for over 5,000 premium advertisers each year. As the first Regional Reseller of Baidu in North America, we proudly serve about 1,000 key clients out of China, such as Uber, Amazon, Bluenile, Zillow, Forrest, Ikea, etc.

  • Largest mobile DSP and ad network in China covering 89% mobile users
  • Manage nearly 5 billion RMB campaigns each year
  • 5,000+ clients worldwide w/ 1,000+ clients in North America, Europe & Australia.
  • 10-year technology partner of Baidu, Qihoo360, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.
  • Self-developed software and tools
  • Cutting edge technologies – Cloud, Big Data and more
  • Omni-channel digital marketing
  • Cross media, cross device, cross border
  • Combines technology and insights
  • High quality services and products
  • Professional teams
  • Result driven, Data driven, People driven