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Native Advertising, also known as News Feed Advertising, is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. It can be pushed towards a group of target audiences based on their social profile, preferences on news content and reading behaviors. Native Ads format usually includes text link, display ads and video ads. Native ads usually manifest among the native content, and is commonly charged by the CPC or CPM pricing model. 


Benefits of Native Advertising


  • With native ads you don’t have to worry about user experience vs. making money.


  • Native ads look and feel like natural content. They match the visual design of the experience they live within, so they are “in-feed” and inherently non-disruptive.


  • Higher visibility – News Feed ads gain much higher CTRs and yield much more time of consumer attention. Most Chinese News Feed providers have platforms offering many precise targeting functions, thus the conversion rates are higher than traditional display ads.


  • Native ads is understood to be better at building engagement with prospective customers than traditional ads. News Feed ad format allows users to interact with the ads content by providing functions like comments, share and votes that can significantly increase the ads’ engagement rate.


China Native Ads Platforms


In China, there are many Native Ads platforms, of which the most popular ones are Tencent GDT (广点通), Zhihuitui(智汇推), and WeChat Ads (微信广告). WeChat Moment Ads is also considered a format of Native Ads by its natural format.


In addition to Tencent, Sina’s FanSiTong (粉丝通) is also a popular Native Ads channel that provide innovative ways for advertisers to engage with their target audience on Sina Weibo.


Jinri TouTiao (今日头条), translated as Today’s Headline, is a news aggregator app that has gain huge popularity in China recently. It pushes news to readers based on their reading behaviors and search histories. TouTiao is now claimed to be the No.1 news reading app in China with 400 million user base. It has a well-developed ad platform that allows advertisers to customize their News Feed Ad content, and precisely target to its audiences.


Baidu has launched News Feed Ad products in 2016. Baidu News Feed Ad is mostly shown on the mobile devices and Baidu brower space. The recently launched Baidu News Feed Ad function is highly intergrated to its SEM bidding platform, providing high quality display ad traffic source for advertisers that seek to either increase brand exposure or improve performance result.


adSage is a key agency partner with all  News Feed channel providers including the above mentioned. In China, adSage has been serving many Chinese clients on these News Feed channels and gained successful results. Now adSage is proud to expand its expertise and services on Chinese News Feed ads to global market, providing professional campaign consultancy, planning and optimization services on these popular News Feed channels for international clients that are interested in China market.