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Programmatic Buying – optimize your campaign performance


Programmatic Buying – optimize your campaign performance

OneDesk is a leading Demand Side Platform (DSP) in China developed by adSage. DSP enables advertisers to “buy audience” instead of “buying media”. OneDesk connects two dozen public and private ad exchanges and a massive amount of hero Apps.


OneDesk DSP supports both Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Pragmatic Direct Buy (PDB). adSage privately-owned Data Management Platform (DMP) and multi-dimensional audience targeting parameters are favored by many advertisers.


As the first batch of mobile focused DSP providers in China, OneDesk DSP has total 6 Billion daily traffic (including adSage SDK traffic), 2 Billion video traffic, and 1 Billion traffic from the popular transportation App category. It has more than 270 Million unique visitors every day, and covers over 200 thousand Apps in China.


Media agencies can leverage the OneDesk platform to optimize advertisers’ campaigns. In May 2016, adSage forged a strategic cooperation with GroupM in China to automate and optimize ad campaigns, marked as a milestone for the programmatic buying development in China.


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