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adSage is the largest and most recognized SEM agency in China, managing campaigns for more than 5,000 premier advertisers on Baidu, Qihoo360, Sogou, Google, and more. As a top-level certified global partner, adSage is the first Regional Reseller of Baidu in North America.


Our SEM service is deeply rooted in technology. We are masters of technology and databases  for all major search engines in China..


  • 2009 – adSage and Baidu R&D team co-developed a new Baidu bidding system “Phoenix Nest” (凤巢) .
  • 2009 – adSage released AFS (adSage for Search), the first SEM tool specialized in the China Search engine market.
  • 2011 – adSage-Baidu Lab, a joint R&D facility was established by Baidu and adSage.
  • 2013 – adSage expanded to the US as China’s largest SEM company
  • 2013 – adSage ranked No. 1 for “10 Best PPC Management Services in China”
  • 2015 – Baidu SEM Research Institute launched strategic partnership with adSage for mobile lab project.
  • 2016 – adSage partners with GroupM to co-provide one-stop search marketing services for all brands
  • 2016 – adSage published Baidu SEM Tracking Report


adSage offers a complete set of advanced SEM management tools for professionals. Check out adSage Chinese SEM tools.

Key advantages of adSage SEM services – tracking and optimization


  • Estimate best price to save campaign budget
  • All-in-one optimization mechanisms
  • Extended large keywords selection
  • Dynamic and real-time campaign structure adjustment
  • Powerful crawler technology
  • Comprehensive performance analysis
  • Intelligent keywords expansion based on landing page content