adSage | adSage, the largest SEO agency in China
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adSage, the largest SEO agency in China


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important tactic to improve China Search Engine campaign performance on Baidu, Qihoo360, Sogou, and other major search engines. Effective campaigns can dramatically increase your keyword ranking on search engines, as well as increase website organic rankings and boost website sales.


An Excellent SEO expert should know:


  • How China search engines crawl webpages?
  • How China search engines index webpages?
  • How China search engines determine the ranking of a keyword and hence optimize specific and related content on websites?


China SEO strategy should follow search engine crawler and index rules such as organized website structure, high quality content and user interactive interface. adSage’s SEO team is devoted to providing high quality, efficient SEO services and professional SEO tools to our clients.


With strong search data analytics and technologies, adSage SEO team provides the comprehensive analysis of Website Architecture, Keywords, Title/Meta, Content, External Links, etc. Each member of our team brings professional expertise to strategize the best optimization methods, grow the website and keyword ranking, drive traffic, and ultimately provide stable long-term profit.


Our services include:


Keyword optimization: Improve ranking of specific keyword on search engine through optimizing webpage

Website optimization: Enhance keyword ranking for all pages and increase conversion rate of organic traffic by optimizing entire website

Position based optimization: Rank specific keywords to certain positions by optimizing website pages or outside resources


Our Process:


Identify Target

Analyze and decide which keywords should be optimized

Select Resources

Optimize web page decision and backlink resource selection


Optimize website with professional experience and tools; develop link building

Performance Assessment

Improve keywords ranking and organic search traffic through optimization

Performance Enhancement

Boost rankings high quality keywords and conversions of organic traffic by further optimization