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Social Ads


As the certified oversea advertising partner of Tencent, adSage provides professional agency services for all advertisers who want to capture fast-growing social media market in China. Tencent is the largest social media and gaming giant in China. It owns WeChat and QQ, the two dominating Chinese social apps within the social media sector.


Launched in 2011, WeChat is China’s No.1 social media platform and has 818 million monthly active users as of Sept 2016. It has already drawn massive attention from advertisers globally. WeChat has two major advertising platforms – Moment Ads and Banner Ads showing up on the posts of WeChat public accounts.


WeChat Moment Ads

WeChat Moment is where WeChat users share their life moments with friends. It basically works the same as Facebook where users can like, comment and share the posts from their friends. Moment Ads platform was launched through the format of “Invitation Only” with 25 top global brand advertisers like Coca-Cola and BMW in early 2015. After a few rounds of testing, the platform was officially opened to all advertisers in Feb 2016. Moment Ads appear within users’ Moment interface in text format plus visual or video, and can greatly increase the advertiser’s brand awareness towards target audience. Moment Ads is usually CPM based.


WeChat Banner Ads

Banner Ads on WeChat public accounts is a type of display ad where the ad shows up on the bottom of a post published by a public account. It was reported that more than 10 Million public accounts had been registered on WeChat by end of 2015. These public accounts post articles on a regular basis to their followers/fans, and they are generating massive volume of reads and reposts each day. Banner Ads on the bottom of a post is a sweet spot where advertisers love to cultivate, as WeChat has precise targeting tools that allow advertisers to choose what types of public accounts can “host” the ads, so that the ads will only be seen by users already following the accounts. Banner Ads is usually CPC based.


GDT (Guang Dian Tong)

QQ has been in the market for more than 10 years. Although data shows that QQ has a relatively younger group of users in China, there is actually a great number of “elder” users that have grown up with QQ along the way. Tencent’s ad platform “Guan Dian Tong” (GDT) allows advertisers to bid on display banners showing up on user’s QQ chatting windows, QQ social page, QQ music streaming and so on. The GDT platform itself is well developed and already very mature. For oversea advertisers, GDT has many useful targeting metrics that are still developing on WeChat – for example, allowing advertisers to do geo-targeting oversea on a country level.


adSage has years of experience within social advertising management for global clients. We know how fast the social advertising space is evolving in China, and we also deeply understand that each advertiser has its own unique marketing objective. That’s why our agency services are tailored to address your specific advertising needs toward the China market. Contact us Here  if you would like to know more about our fully managed agency services.